After the Rain

In the afternoon after rain, I felt something's eyes at a spaghetti shop I had entered for the first time.

A cat and a pigeon looked down at me over the walls which were visible from the big window.

I hadn't yet eaten spaghetti, but I thought that I would come to this shop again.

Of course, the spaghetti was delicious.

My seat was changed because the restaurant would get crowded at lunch time.

I was happy that the waitress called to say 'Thank you.'  a few times after changing my seat.

I wondered why I hadn't come to this shop until now. But actually that didn't really matter...

I could come again after this.

On the way back from this shop saying 'Thank you for the meal, I will come again.' I saw a big rainbow low in the sky.



English translation of 2017-01-30 diary