snowy day

I don't do well with the cold. But when it snows it  makes me happy. It snowed last week. I was surprised that the snow was piled up in the morning.

I was scheduled to go to see friends in Kobe that day, so as the snow continued, I went out wearing boots. 

In the snow, I like to walk around places where nobody has stepped on making a sound like 'crunch crunch'. So I wear boots.

When I got on the Hankyu train, the white and gray snowy landscape continued outside. I was still watching it. An e-mail came and I was forcused on my cell phone. The next morment when I raised my face, there was a blue sky outside the train window. I was surprised.

By the time I arrived in Kobe there was no longer any snow remnants. It feels like someone  played a magic trick on me.

When I got back to Kyoto at night, I was relieved to have snowmen around the neighborhood.